STIHL iMfolozi Outrun 2024




I hereby acknowledge that participation in the iMfolozi Outrun carries risk for the participants. The nature of the iMfolozi Outrun is that of running/walking through a big 5 game reserve with limited but calculated protection provided by EKZNW and the Honorary Officers and that participation in this event comes with potentially hazardous activities and/or situations. While the organisers and EKZNW takes reasonable precautions against foreseeable risk, both the nature of the event and accidents make it impossible to ensure complete safety of participants. Some examples of risk are: heat exhaustion, dangerous game, snake bite, rocky terrain and accidents while in transit to and from certain points in the reserve and on the route. By ticking the box below, I hereby acknowledge digitally my acceptance of this consent form and that I understand and accept the risks involved. I am aware that neither the organisers, nor EKZNW or its sponsors/partners or volunteers accept any responsibility for any loss, injury, or damage sustained during the event for whatever reason whether as a result of negligence or otherwise I indemnify the organisers, sponsors, EKZNW, partners and volunteers against all such claims.

Team Event

This event is a team event. This means that you need to book in teams of two.

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iMfolozi Outrun