What's cashless?

Pre-load money online that you’d like to spend at the event. Need more? You can still topup at a Howler topup station at the event

Why cashless?

Cash is so 1995. Howler Cashless is the modern, high-tech answer to easy transacting. It eliminates queuing, carrying your wallet around and battling connectivity issues. Plus it’s so much safer.

How does it work?

Tap and go - it’s that simple. The vendor or bartender will show you how much credit you have left after each tap.

How do I topup?

Easiest option: online. A pre-loaded wristband means your credit is applied to your card or wristband as you walk through the entrance, leaving more time for fun. And, if you need more money, topup with cash or card at a physical Howler topup station at the event.

What about left over money?

What’s yours is yours. After the event you can visit our website and cashout your un-spent funds. They’ll go straight into your bank account within 14 days. Depending on the event, you can enable auto-cashout and get your money back without lifting a finger.

Note, cashouts do close. Please check information on your event for cashout or refund closure dates.